Brahmand Darshan inviting you to join for Astro Tour – Star Gazing On the Mountain Top

In this modern age of bright lights and big cities, busy lifestyles, and constant social connections, it is sometimes easy to lose sight of life’s simpler pleasures. Take, for example, a beautiful night sky with countless stars shimmering overhead. There are few things that can inspire a feeling of awe and wonder like gazing up at the celestial light show taking place above us every night.

On a clear evening, in the right location, it can be almost overwhelming.

Not all destinations are created equal when it comes to enjoying these views, however, as light pollution, smog, and other manmade elements can conspire with one another to blot out the heavens. But fear not: There are still destinations on Planet Earth that offer spectacular views of the night sky for us to enjoy.

Proudly standing in front of the 2nd highest plateau in Asia – Table Top (1334 meters) and most popular Panchgani (Mahableshwar) the Five Mountains. Panchgani
sparkles with endless opportune moments to catch a glimpse of that starry night sky and you will witness an extraordinary sight. Twinkling before you, like a set of shimmering diamonds upon a silken sheath of black velvet, are countless colorful stars & constellations. Dazzling with celestial bodies from the Cassiopiea – Queen to the Orion, the Hunter, to Leo – Lion you don’t have to be an avid astronomer to appreciate these breathtakingly beautiful star patterns.

The perfect Weekend Gateway for Family, Friends and Wanderers

Astro Tourism & Astrophography @ Panchgani