SG MARATHON-01 (Medium)

Brahmand Darshan inviting you to join for Stargazing Marathon – Count the Stars & Objects, Watch the Glorious Milkyway Galaxy at it Best at Saphale Sky, Tandulwadi Village.
Come watch Astonishing World of Universe with us ! ! !

Event Date: 1st April 2017 (Saturday Night)

Amateur & Novice Users can also join and take opportunity to know the Night Sky and observe Planets & some of the deep sky objects like Nebulae’s, Galaxies, Globular Cluster, Open Clusters, Double Stars and off course our Milky Way Galaxy etc.. no prior knowledge of astronomy is necessary for them. Night Sky Orientation will be provided during the Event.

Night Sky Gazing Schedule:

Participants are requested to reach the campsite by 5:30 pm. Sunset – 6:30pm
6:00 – 6:30 pm – Event Registration, Selphie Photos, Group Photo Session
7:00 – 7:30 pm – Session 1 – Introduction & West Sky Objects, Satellite Tracking & Astronomy Awareness Video Program
8:00 – 9:00 pm – Session 2 – Night Sky Orientation – Locating North Star and Directions.
9:00 – 10:30 pm – Dinner Time (On-Site Delicious Dinner)
10:30 – 11:30pm – Session 3 – Constellations, Orion Nebula, Open Clusters and Galaxies and Jupiter
11:30 – 00:30 – Astrophotography (No Lights)
12:00 – 03:00 am – Power Nap – Charge Yourself and Camera/ Tablet/ Mobile Batteries
3:00 – 4:30 am – Session 4 – Milkyway Galaxy & Saturn
4:30 am – Tea Break
5:00 – 6:30 am – Session 5 – ISS, Satellite, Iridium Flares Tracking & Crescent Moon
6:30 – Sun Rise
7:00 – 7:30 am – Breakfast / Tea and Group Photo
8:00 am – Event Closure,

Participants can depart from the camp-site, or hang around with us from informal discussion / talk/contact sharing

Participants are free to observe all night or retire for a short sleep and join us again for observations.

We greatly encourage informal interactions/ discussion with us at any time during the night. We will answer (or try to be as close to your satisfaction as possible) all your questions. WE WILL BE AWAKE ALL NIGHT TO FACILITATE THOSE WHO WISH TO STAY AWAKE AND OBSERVE THE NIGHT SKY WITH US.

Our Equipment’s:

1) 10 Inch Dobsonian Reflectors (2 Qty) – Antares GSO & SKY Watcher
2. Binoculars 10 x 50 (2 Qty)
3. Celestron Automated Mount (100mm Refractor)
4. Celestron Automated Mount for Astrophotography
4. EQ1 Manual – 75mm & 80mm Scope.

For Booking Details: Email your details:

Event Charges: Adult 1299/-** and Child (above 5 Yrs – 14 Yrs) – 999/-
Tent Cost – 2 People (500/-) Or 3 People (750/-) Advance Booking Payment Required for Seat & TENT Reservation

Contact Details:
• Bhavin Parekh – 9594943435 / 9820134054
• Mangesh Sutar – 9987744889 / 9833986686
• Deepti – 9820758668 (Event Coordinator)

PS: Ladies/Family, please contact us if you wish to know the details of female Night Sky Gazer participant, because many female/family do not RSVP but directly call us and confirm.

What’s included in Charges:
• Night Sky Gazing Event and On-Site Charge
• Dinner (Delicious Dhaba Type) & Breakfast
• Tea & Drinking Water available.

What’s not included in Charges:
• Anything not mentioned in the included list.
• Travel Cost to-fro from Saphale Station to Site (If required 150/- PP Extra).
• Tent Cost – 2 People (Extra 500/-) Or 3 People (750/-)- Advance Booking/Intimation Required for TENT Reservation

Please Call/Whats App post RSVP on +9199877 44889

Instructions and Pointers
1. Carry enough warm clothing (particularly to keep your ears, body and feet warm) like scarf, sweaters, hood jackets, skull caps, shawls / sheets, Closed Shoes (mandatory). (Temp in Night will dip considerably 16-18 degree C).
2. It is advisable to carry your own bedding blanket / satranji /tarpaulin sheet and Air Pillow – we will be providing a basic tent with green cloth to facilitate sitting.
3. We recommend that participants stock themselves with Light snacks (Biscuits, Chips & Chocolate and Personal Water bottle ½ Litre (Mandatory) – (Need to drink water regularly to avoid dehydration).
4. Carry a Small Torch (covered with Red Cellophane paper) with Extra pair of Batteries.
5. It is advisable to carry your personal medication (if any) and mosquito repellent cream.
6. All baggage’s to be wrapped in plastic bags to avoid getting wet (Dew).
7. For Astrophotography participant should bring in their own DSLR Camera, Tripod, Remote, Charger and Extra Battery.
8. It goes without saying that littering at the camp-site is not permissible and we will be making arrangements for garbage bin that can be put to their optimum use.

Rules and Regulations:

While at the camp-site you (Participants) are requested to strictly adhere to the following rules:

1. Prior Registration is compulsory for all the participants.
2. Although the camp-site is secure with partial fencing, NO ONE should wander off the camp-site without intimating the organizers or without organizer’s permission.
3. Use Site, Equipment’s and Tents with precaution’s – Any Damages to Tents will recovered from Tent allocated participants/ students (500/- Per Person)
4. Use of white small torch should be minimal, it should be covered with Red Cellophane paper for reading Night Sky Maps.
5. Please do respect the belongings of others at the campsite and avoid damaging any articles, tents, etc. Any Damage to Tent will be recovered from the participant.
6. Use of mobile phone and camera with flash is to be minimal as possible or AS INSTRUCTED BY THE INSTRUCTORS / ORGANIZERS during the Observation Sessions.
7. Do not Flash Bright Torch or Camera Flash on others during Observation Sessions.HUMAN EYE requires 30 Minutes to completely adapt to the Dark Night Sky.
8. If you are carrying your own observation instrument like telescopes, binoculars, tripods stands Imaging equipment (DSLR Camera and accessories) etc., then you yourself are responsible for all your equipment.
9. Smoking and Drinking Alcohol is strictly prohibited at the Site. Drunken participants will be asked to leave the Site immediately. We strongly discourage you to consume alcohol in any form. The Organizers reserve the right to expel offending participants from the camp-site.

About Destination:
Name of Location: Sai Baba temple
Nearest Village: Tandulwadi village
Region & District: Saphale
Distance from Saphale station: 7 KM approx.
Distance from NH4 (Varai Naka): 12 KM approx.
Distance from Ghodbunder: 45 Km approx.

Travel Guide (Car/Jeep):,72.8538922,259m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x0000000000000000:0x0493a10200a1cb2e!6m1!1e1?hl=en

Take Mumbai – Ahmedabad Highway Foutain Hotel – Bhayander Bridge – Vasai – Virar – Khandiwade Toll – VEGAS Township (Approx 10KM) – Take Left at Varai Naka – Vaitarna River Bridge – SAIRAJ HOTEL (Take Left) – SAI Baba Mandir (Tandul Village).


Local Train Time-Table (Churchgate to Dahanu, via Saphale):
Stations after Virar: Vaitarna, Saphale, Kelve Road, Palghar, Umroli, Boisar, Vangaon, Dahanu Road
Churchgate to Dahanu train: 5.24am, 10.06am, 3.22pm
Dadar to Dahanu train: 5.15am, 4.55pm, 6:00pm
Borivli to Dahanu train: 7.57am, 10.31am
Virar to Dahanu Local train: 4.25am, 5am, 12.15pm, 3.05pm
Dahanu to Churchgate train: 7.15am, 12.42pm, 5.35pm, 6.55pm
Dahanu to Dadar train: 2.15pm, 3.25pm, 7.45pm
Dahanu to Borivli train: 5.50am, 8.30am
Dahanu to Virar Local train: 10.05am, 1.25pm, 8.45pm

Special Note:
** Observation depends on subject to availability of object & weather condition.
** No refund on cancellation & postponed of shows.

Site Photos:

How is the Sky condition on day of program?

Use the following link to view satellite images. These images are updated intervals of normally 8 hours. General thumb-rule is if more water vapor seen in image there is likelihood of cloud formation.