BRAHMAND DARSHAN owns below equipment’s, which are used for Astronomy Awareness Campaign and Night Sky Gazing Events.

  • 10 inch Sky-Watcher Reflector Telescope
  • 10 inch Dobsonian Reflector Telescope (ANTARES)
  • 5 inch Alt-Az Reflector Telescope
  • 4inch Celestron Refactor with At-Az Nexstar Mount
  • 80mm Refractor with Celestron  Nexstar Mount
  • 8 inch Konus Astrograph with Equatorial Mount.
  • 400D, 1000D, 550D and 600D Canon Cameras
  • Nikon Cameras & Zoom Lens (200mm, 250mm, 300mm)
  • 75mm Solar Refractor with Grating for Spectroscopy
  • Barndoor Mount for Astrophotography