Brahmand Darshan Team

Bhavin Parekh

A MBA in Finance with over 12 years of experience in Financial Market & Related Instruments and taking them to the next level. Bhavin is a supporter of outreach in astronomy and space exploration, and a popularizer of amateur astronomy. Since the 2007 he has consulted, participated in, and engineered astronomy outreach programs & star party events, telescope viewings to a broad audience.

Mangesh Sutar

A Computer Science geek with MSc Physics  & MBA in Project Management by qualification. Mangesh has over 12 years of experience in project management, IT  Infrastructure Technology and Avid Amateur Astronomer for last 30  years . He loves conducting Astronomy Popularization and Awareness Campaign for School and College Students and Night Sky Orientation Program during Monthly Star Party Events.

Pritam Pawar

Avid Astrophotographer .

Deepti S

A  Civil Engineer by Profession  & Certified Teacher. Interested in Popularizing & Conducting Events for School Children on Astronomy Awareness , Night Sky Gazing Camping Activities and  Science & Technology Workshop . Also conduct sessions for Astronomy & Science/Maths Olympiads, Poster & Model Making Worksops.

Kalpesh Barot

Physics/Maths Teacher and Astronomy Promoter

Akash Vyas

Web Designer & Content Writer .