Basic Astronomy & Wonders of Universe

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This website is about star gazing, one of the oldest and most ennobling, as well as the most enjoyable and relaxing of all pastimes.

In these pages, you get access to free tips, advice, and suggestions to help you learn more about star gazing, basic astronomy, and what to see in the night sky.  You discover a little of the science behind some of the most beautiful sights in the heavens.  And you get a little insight about your own place in the universe.

It’s all presented in short, easy-to-read articles for active stargazers in the northern and southern hemispheres… and for armchair stargazers too

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You can already find more than 100 articles in the Brahman Darshan archives.  More are added every week. Each short article is free to read, and you can bookmark this site and return anytime to read more.

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If you’re just getting started as a stargazer, start with (and bookmark) this free guide to the basics of finding your way around the night sky, understanding what you see in the heavens, and choosing binoculars, telescopes, and other equipment.