“Fabulous Night Sky”
Great setup and friendly team of individuals who want to offer an interesting overview of the night sky. The lack of light pollution means the stars literally pop out of the sky. Brilliant.

“Amazing Learning Experience”
My mom and I had an amazing time star gazing. Amateur astronomer are incredibly knowledgeable from both a scientific and folklore standpoint. They were able to point out many things with a green laser when we weren’t looking through the telescope. I would recommend if you want to learn more about the night sky!

An experience to last a life time. Laying out and watching the stars, learning about constellations, and soaking in the beauty of the galaxy will have you wishing it could never end. You will be awed at the incredible inimitable view.

“Incredible, educational, and extremely fun star gazing!”
Wonderful people, exceptional knowledge, great equipment. They make sure everyone gets exceptional views and answer every question asked. I was skeptical when my wife suggested this outing, but had the most enjoyable at Saphale. We experienced, saw, and learned things we never knew existed and had an absolutely great night under the stars.  Thank you Brahmnad Darshan Star Gazing – you made our trip memorable.

Did not really know what to expect…this was a very enjoyable and educational evening. The sky just opened up and it was a view to remember, lots of shooting stars!It was VERY cold (2 hours out there) so be prepared with warm clothes! blankets are required to stay warm.

Great way to see more stars than you’ve ever seen! Amateur Astronomers are  extremey knowledgeable. They were also very patient & wanted to make sure that everyone had a good view of the various stars, points of interest in the sky. Truly beautiful!

“Great views of stars not visible to the naked eye”
We really enjoyed this, saw Saturn rings, a blue and yellow star and more. The moderator could have explained more about what it all meant with regards to light years away and more, but was really enjoyable. Cold at night, bring a jacket.

“Such a great experience”
It was a beautiful night. Our host was so interesting. We were able to see the rings of Saturn through the telescope. It was a great informative night.

“Amazing Night Sky!”
My husband and I were amazed with this experience! amateur astronomer was very knowledgable and his discussions were interesting. We saw several things through the 10 inch telescope he brought. Stars, planets, star clusters, double stars, etc. Because the sky was so dark, we saw meteorites and a satellite crossing the night sky! This excursion was one of our favorite things we’ve done in Saphale!


Abhinav Vidhya Mandir for 2013.

Abhinav School 2013.

St. Xavier School – Mira Road

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