Distance of our Solar System

)88257100_8dce9e25ab We are the part of the universe. We live on a planet earth

our earth part of solar system, which is a star called Sol & just like other stars it is part of outer space.

Our old belief of the Earth as the center of the universe. We are 93 million miles from the sun, but it’s much simpler to say we’re one astronomical unit (AU) from the sun.

The distance from the sun to the other planets can be measured in astronomical units as well: Mercury .38 AUs, Venus .72 AUs, Mars 1.52 AUs, Jupiter 5.2 AUs, Saturn 9.54 AUs, Uranus 19.218 AUs, Neptune 30.06 AUs, and Pluto 39.5 AUs. But we moved ahead the distance grow beyond apart. Thant’s why we created a unit of measured based on the distance that light years in a year.

1 light year = 6 trillion miles.

The closest stars to our solar system is Alfa Centauri 4.3 light years from earth.

Neighbor galaxy is Andromeda. At 2.2 million light years.

For a more larger distance was invented PARSEC. A PARSEC (Paralax Second) is approx 3.258 light years. Further ahead kiloparsecs (thousand parsecs) & megaparsecs (million parsecs

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