Brahmand Festival (Astronomy Edutainment)


Brahmand Festival
Astronomy Edutainment

Welcome to Brahmand Darshan Astronomy Festival. Brahmand festival brings the universe at your place. Every student have looked at the sky & felt wonder. Now your dream is finally coming true.

Objective of Festival:

Brahmand Festival organizing Astronomy & Space related education. Brahmand Festival is providing an exposure to students about the fascinating universe & experience astronomy facts & events.

Festival For Whom:

Now our students will greatly benefit from brahmand festival. There are many students these days, whose have eagerness to study astronomy and explore the night sky. Student do participate with us full fill hunger of such enthusiasts.

Brahmand Festival prime aim is to bring together the people of similar interest in Astronomy & spread the ancient knowledge among masses…

Who can Join Brahmand Festival: Schools, Academic group, Social Group.

About Festival:

Come watch Astonishing World with us ! ! !

Learn how to recognize the Sky Objects and navigate night sky
Learn more about the solar system, our place in the Universe, comets and meteorites.
Learn about Night sky which is loaded with interesting characters stars, planets, galaxies & meteor shower.

Workshop details:

Introduction · Vistas of Astronomy

Understanding Universe · Size of Universe, Planets around Stars · Galaxies, Super clusters, Black Holes · The Milky Way · Big Bang Hypothesis · Binary Stars, Mass of Binaries

Our Solar System · Planets of our Solar System · Units of Distance · Planets beyond Pluto

The Sun · Overview

The Moon & other planets · Overview

Asteroids, Meteors and Comets · Overview

Eclipse · Overview

Space Probes · Overview

Life Cycle of Stars · Novas, Super Novas, Neutron Stars

Telescopes · Overview

Astronomy – The Indian Way · Constellations and Zodiacal Signs · Nakshatras

Gain from festival:

Student will gained some familiarity with the night sky.
Student can expand their horizons with astronomy, participate observing programs and much more. Astronomy is a hobby and pursuit that grows with student and can lead to a lifetime of “looking up.”

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