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Welcome to Star Gazing Camping – Explore the Milky Way Galaxy on 22nd April 2017 (Saturday) at Saphale, Tandulwadi Village

Brahmand Darshan invites you all for learning Astronomy & Space Technology. Learn how to read sky maps, handle large telescopes, identify Constellation and many star clusters and nebulae in the Night Sky, admire and adore Jupiter with 4 Moons, Mars (Red Planet), Saturn with its rings, Crescent Venus, Shooting Stars, Comets and many other Celestial Wonders to adore, gaze, amaze. So bring your family and friends along to experience the Night Sky Gazing in Tents and acquire skills that will enable you to enjoy astronomy & stargazing for the rest of your life!

Amateur & Novice Users can also join and take opportunity to know the Night Sky and observe some of the deep sky objects like Nebulae’s, Galaxies, Globular Cluster, Open Clusters, Double Stars and off course our Milky Way Galaxy etc.. no prior knowledge of astronomy is necessary for them. Night Sky will be provided during the  Event.

Group Photo 25March2017

Star Gazing – Discover the Wonder’s of Night Skystar-trails


We invite all School and College Students to take Amateur Astronomer Associate Program – Yearly Membership . If you are interested in becoming the  Amateur Astronomer Asssociate and wanted to learn and share the Knowledge of Astronomy, Space and Technology Let us know we can provide you all that required to become one……..

Astro Poster Competition – Year 2016-17



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